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In addition to a competent operation management, a technical consultant has an invaluable asset.

In a close cooperation with the operator he supervises the operation and the technical condition of the energy generation plant and creates meaningful monthly, quarterly and annual reports, depending on the customers wishes. In addition to a performance presentation, these provide information about the current and target status of the yields, wind conditions and the financing. These are also customized to the needs and desires of the operator. A presentation of the current status of the windfarm on shareholder or advisory board meetings is also part of the scope of services.

Operation management and consultation from a single source is a synergy effect, which e-service takes advantage of and every windfarm operator could benefit from it. With our technical know-how and a huge network, which we build up over years, we are act as a negotiating partner to maintenance companies, repair contractors, experts, insurances companties and brokers and represent the operators interests.